Krishna Jones is one of the most respected guitarist, singer/songwriters and producer in Australia. He Made his first impact on the Australian music scene in the mid 90s with the Aria nominated rock band, JUICE. JUICE received high rotation on Triple J with the albums, Wine of life and Fractured. JUICE have recently reformed and are due to release their new album “SIGNS” in July 2019.
In 2000 Krishna formed JUGGERNAUT with his brother Amarnath Jones. A collaboration of some of the best musicians this country has seen.
JUGGERNAUT were a popular live band that built a strong fan base in Sydney and on tours. Krishna has supported bands such as INXS, Soundgarden, Radiohead and the Tea party.
Krishna released his first solo album “THE RAZOR’S EDGE” in 2020 and in with a pumping 8 piece band behind him and an established reputation for cranking live shows Krishna wrote his 2nd album “THE OTHER SIDE”. It showcases his development as a respected artist and songwriter whilst keeping the essence of the music pure for all music lovers.
“THE OTHER SIDE” is without a doubt Krishna’s funkiest album, but never strays to far from his rock and blues roots, it is an album which proves his fine musicianship, soulful voice and blistering guitar work. The full album is due for release in early 2022.
His 3rd album “SECOND SKIN”, is a body of work which again highlights his strong songwriting abilities, as it moves from light to shade throughout the whole album. From Zeppelinesque rock riffs to acoustic ballads and big band funk tunes. The release date for “Second Skin” has been set for late 2024…

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  1. Richie Cirillo on

    Jones, you’re the fucking KING

  2. This band Juggernaut, did they release an album? I had an album that I’m sure was by a band called Juggernaut, it had a joker…. maybe, on the cover. It was kinda funky, but heavy.

    • Krishna Jones on

      That band was The Dealers, it was a cover band made up of the same musicians plus a couple of other fantastic players…If you have a copy of that album hang on to it. It’s very rare…:)

  3. Loved seeing you play in Sydney [=
    You really owned it!

  4. Something about your music is Intriguing and “The Perfect Host” was eerily spellbinding almost trance like… hypnotic. I’m hooked.

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